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April 18, 2007

SOA Launches New Website

soa-redesign2.jpgThe SOA recently soft launched their website with easier navigation, better organized content and an over all better look.

Here's a look at what's new:
Completely Updated Design

The most apparent change on the new SOA.org is the vast visual enhancement. We have incorporated the re-defined Actuarial branding so the look and feel of the Web site is in line with the visual identity of both the profession and the organization.

More Efficient Content Organization

The new SOA.org information structure and navigation is designed to enhance ease of use. The more efficient site architecture was developed by thoroughly analyzing and integrating past member surveys, site use statistics, user testing and conversations had with leaders, members, candidates and staff and staff partners. With the new architecture some information has shifted to another location. While this may require some getting used to for those familiar with the old site, overall, it should make the material you need faster and easier to find.

Can't seem to find your old content? For more information on where to find certain information please see our "Where Do I Find..." page.

Enhanced and Effective Search

We have enhanced our site search in response to member feedback. Powered by Google, our new search technology will offer great improvement in the quality of search results. While this technology already offers great improvements in the quality of search results, we will continue to fine tune our content and its metadata to offer you the best possible search results.

Please visit the Search Tips page for helpful suggestions or provide feedback if you are having any difficulty finding material on the revised site.

Online Functionality

Online dues payment and exam and event registration are a part of the new Web site that made its debut before the rest of www.soa.org. We believe it is essential to offer members the same type of technological conveniences they use in everyday life through our new site. As we continue refining our online capabilities, we will offer even more helpful and timesaving services to you.

The SOA wants to Hear from You!

The changes to SOA.org were based on your feedback, and we want to know what you think. Tell us if we missed something, if something doesn't seem to be working correctly, or just let us know that you like what you see! Send your comments to feedback@soa.org.

Posted by Tom Troceen at 01:13 PM