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July 10, 2006

Meet the Candidates for 2006 CAS Elections

The announcement of candidates for the 2006 CAS Elections has been posted by the CAS. Who are the candidates?

The following slate of candidates will be standing for elections this year.

President- Elect:
Christopher S. Carlson

Board of Directors:
Brian Z. Brown
Charles A. Bryan
Clive L. Keatinge
Mary D. Miller
Joanne S. Spalla
Andrea M. Sweeny
Alfred O. Weller
Patrick B. Woods

What information is provided about the candidates?

Through the "Meet the Candidates" Web page, all candidates are providing the information listed below so that you can make comparisons and informed voting choices. Click on the appropriate link below each candidate's name to open a document. You may also print out all information provided by clicking on the link titled "Printable Version of Candidate Documents."

* A one page CAS biography.
* An additional page of relevant biographical information.
* A one-page statement on why the candidate wants to serve the CAS in the capacity of President-Elect or Director.
* A one-page statement identifying issues that are of special interest to the candidate and any positions he or she may have on these issues.
* A summary of the employment type and geographical information for continuing Board of Directors members is also provided for your consideration.

What is the "Open Question Forum" and how does it work?

The "Open Question Forum" provides Fellows the opportunity to pose questions to categories of candidates (not individuals). The Forum is open from June 30-July 14. Click on the "Ask the Candidates" link to access the form to submit a question. Select the candidate category from the drop-down menu, enter the required information, type your question in the space provided, and click "Submit Question." You will receive a confirmation e-mail that your question was received.

Once the Forum closes on the 14th, candidates will have one week to respond to your questions. Beginning on July 24, a link to the questions and responses will be posted under each candidate's name. In addition, the responses of all candidates will be compiled under each question on a separate Web page titled "Candidates Respond."

How and when do I vote?

Official ballots, including voting instructions, will be mailed to all Fellows that did not register to vote online on August 1. Fellows that registered for online voting will receive an e-mail announcing that the online voting booths have opened on August 1. Completed ballots must be submitted online or returned to the CAS Office by September 1, 2006.

Who do I contact if I have questions about the elections?

Your questions about and comments regarding these procedures are welcome and should be directed to office@casact.org.

I encourage you to take advantage of the information provided by the candidates and the question and answer forum. Most of all, you are strongly encouraged to add your voice to the future development and growth of the CAS by casting a ballot.

Thank you for your participation in our governance process.

Paul Braithwaite

Posted by Tom Troceen