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March 15, 2006

Get detailed information on avian flu, pandemic preparedness, SOA research and upcoming events

The SOA has developed this Web page to help actuaries respond to senior management questions about their organization's readiness for a potential pandemic. The information in this site will assist actuaries in addressing the potential consequences of a pandemic, especially how they relate to providing companies and their clients with professional advice, should such an event occur. Insurance and health care industries, in particular, could suffer serious repercussions in the wake of such an event. This information will also be of interest to other professionals.

* Expand Your Knowledge-Top 20 Papers on Avian Bird Flu
What should an actuary read if he/she has only one or two hours to understand avian influenza from a personal and professional perspective?
* The SOA's Flagship Pandemic Research Study
With this study, the SOA expects to provide insight into the potential impact a pandemic could have on life and health insurers.
* ERM for Pandemics-Expert Roundtable
Upcoming! A roundtable of leading experts will discuss risk management and planning for a pandemic in the context of ERM.
* Upcoming Actuarial Meetings/Previous Meeting Handouts Focused on Avian Flu
A variety of opportunities to attend meetings on pandemics exist, including the SOA Health Spring Meeting, featuring Dr. Michael T. Osterholm, a renowned CIDRAP pandemics expert.
* Avian Influenza Links to Other Organizations
Learn more about pandemics and catastrophic events.
* Pandemic News Release
Canadian Underwriter and Insurance Journal both published the announcement of the SOA’s upcoming research.

Posted by Tom Troceen