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April 28, 2005

Author and Actuary Mark Shemtob's New Book Clarifies the Social Security Debate for the Rest of Us

Xavier Publishing today announced the publication of "Social Security: A Non-Biblical Perspective" (ISBN 0-9767240-0-6) by Mark Shemtob, a short and concise guide designed to help the average American to understand the current national debate surrounding Social Security, and decide on what they believe are the best options for the future of the program.

"Every American probably feels like they've heard more than enough about the Social Security debate, but much of the information in the media is either incomplete or inaccurate," said the book's author, Mark Shemtob. "In a sound byte world, it's very hard for the average American to separate fact from fiction."

"My book approaches the relevant issues from both sides of the debate, in an attempt to give readers a balanced and fair overview of the central arguments, and help them arrive at their own conclusions about how they envision the future of our nation's Social Security program. When we think of the bible, we consider a book of values and morality that teaches us what is right and just. This is NOT the point of my book. My goal is to teach and not to preach."

"Social Security: A Non-Biblical Perspective" ($8.95, 98 pages, ISBN 0-9767240-0-6) addresses such difficult questions as current program inequities, the effects of Social Security on the national debt, options for strengthening the current program, as well as the pros and cons of private accounts. There is just enough background to make the explanations offered easy to follow. Shemtob emphasizes that this book is not intended for actuaries, economists, consultants or other experts in the field, but for the general public, who have very legitimate concerns about this topic of national debate.

Mark Shemtob is the President of Abar Pension Services, Inc., an
independent pension consulting firm located in Morris County, New Jersey. During the last 25 years he has provided comprehensive services in the design, administration and analysis of all categories of retirement programs. Mark is an enrolled ERISA Actuary, an associate of the Society of Actuaries, and a member of the American Academy of Actuaries.

To purchase the book, or for more information, visit:

Posted by Tom Troceen