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February 22, 2005

Putting your money where your mouth is

3mmoneyglass.jpg3M announced it’s new security glass in the form of a PR stunt. At a Vancouver bus stop, 3M is promoting its newest Security Glass product by encasing what appears to be a lot of money ($1,295,344 according to Rain Man). While we wonder what sort of riot this could cause, we also think it's an ingenious method to explain the benefits of the product in a truly effective manner.

A local news station captured one guy on video lunging full speed and kicking the glass, breaking only his foot. This only proves that the glass is impermeable to the elusive Canadian Ninja, but this begs the question of it’s integrity against the more nimble Tibetan Ninja and the ever so popular, Beverly Hills Ninja. What is the risk involved in a stunt like this? Is it even real money? If it is, how long does mapquest say a road trip from say . . . Atlanta to Vancouver is? And my final question, any actuaries out there have a Hummer (H1 preferably) or perhaps an Excursion with a brush guard?

Posted by Tom Troceen