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February 24, 2005

A Conference on Surviving the Pension Fund Crisis, April 18 - 19, New York City

The Surviving the Pension Fund Crisis Conference April 18 -19, 2005 The Harvard Club, New York City

To register, call Naomi at 212-952-7400, ext. 126 or visit:

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Experts are predicting a Social Security meltdown in 2042. The pension fund disaster is just around the corner.

Take Away Benefits of Attending:
* Assess the political realities and difficulties or reforming the
pension system
* Determine the likelihood of a corporate governance scandal erupting
in the pension fund business
* Understand the pros and cons of issuing pension obligation bonds
* Learn about the impact of the ever declining number of
defined-benefit plans on PBGC guarantees
* Gain insight into the impact of bankruptcy laws on corporate pension
* Get an update on accounting rules affecting acquisitions of companies
with overfunded pension plans
* Obtain a briefing on the triggers for federal excise penalties
* Get a primer on the government’s proposals to increase corporate
contributions to pension funds
* Listen to best practices of pension fund management from around the
* Discern the benefits of privatizing municipal pension funds
* Ascertain the legal liabilities associated with mismanaging pension
fund assets
* Determine how more stringent funding requirements will impact
corporate cash flow
* Get an update into the SEC’s investigation into pension practices
of some of the nation’s largest corporate pensions
* Make a determination as to the PBGC’s solvency
* Sharpen your ability to apply appropriate rates of return

Who Should Attend:
* Actuaries
* Risk Managers
* Chief Compliance Officers
* Pension Fund Managers
* Pension Fund Fiduciaries
* Pension Fund Administrators
* Pension Fund Lawyers

To register: call (212) 952-7400 ext. 126 or email naomi@twst.com
To Nominate a Speaker Contact: (212) 952-7400 ext. 162 or email

Posted by Tom Troceen