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November 24, 2004

Give the Gift of Good Grades this Holiday Season with Texas Instruments Graphing Calculators

Just in time for the holiday season, family and friends can give their favorite student the gift that will make the grade throughout the school year -- a Texas Instruments  graphing calculator.  With graphing calculators allowed, and often recommended or required, on many standardized assessments including the SAT, this educational gift can help students increase their understanding of complex math and science class work and be better prepared for a testing situation.

And this holiday season, TI is pleased to offer two new free educational resources for TI graphing calculator owners: online math homework help, and electronic flashcards featuring SAT sample questions prepared against the new SAT format coming in March 2005.  For those students (and parents) wanting resources that can help increase classroom success, TI graphing calculators, combined with these new holiday offers, can help make the second half of the year better than the first.

    Hotmath.com Free Homework Assistance TI has teamed with Hotmath.com to provide free access to its online textbook tutoring to help students in grades 6-12 with math, from pre-algebra to calculus.  Founded by math educators, Hotmath.com provides online, tutorial solutions to the actual homework problems in many popular math textbooks, helping students better learn and retain mathematical concepts.

    From now until February 1, 2005, all owners of any TI-83 Plus Family, TI-84 Plus Family, or TI-89 graphing calculator can go to the TI educational website at http://education.ti.com/gift and, after filling out a brief registration form, may select the option to register for a complimentary 60-day subscription to the Hotmath.com tutorial.

    "At Hotmath.com, our mission is to provide students with the support they
need to complete their required math homework and achieve better success in
school," said Chuck Grant, president of Hotmath.com.  "For those students who
take that first innovative step of using a TI graphing calculator in their
studies, Hotmath.com will provide these students with additional online
assistance to work through tough math problems, to check their work, and to
better prepare for quizzes and tests."

    Free SAT Prep Questions
    In addition to the free math tutorial offering, owners of TI-83 Plus and TI-84 Plus families of graphing calculators can download TI's new SAT prep questions to their graphing unit, to help guide and prepare them for the new SAT format.  These electronic flash cards cover multiple areas of the test with practice questions and answers that students can review on the bus, in the cafeteria or any time they have a few free minutes.

    From now until February 1, 2005, all owners of a TI-83 Plus or TI-84 Plus graphing calculator can go to the TI educational website at http://education.ti.com/gift and, after filling out a simple registration form, may select the option for the SAT prep questions.  They will then be guided to a new web page that gives simple step-by-step instructions on how to download the free electronic flashcards.

    "At TI, we are committed to delivering innovative tools dedicated to
increasing student achievement," said Marcia Page, vice president of Texas
Instruments Educational & Productivity Solutions business.  "As the SAT
continues to be a critical test for many college-bound students, we want to
make sure that students are ready for the new test format."

    TI Graphing Calculators
    The TI-83 Plus and TI-84 Plus families of graphing calculators include
preloaded and downloadable educational programs that provide exciting methods
to engage math and science students in experiencing the benefits of a new and
inspiring level of learning.  With more than two million TI graphing
calculators sold annually, these popular educational tools continue the long-
standing TI tradition of motivating more students to achieve success through
the use of innovative technology in the classroom.
    For more information on preparing for the new SAT, visit
http://www.collegeboard.com .

     *SAT is a registered trademark of the College Board, which was not
involved in the production of and does not endorse any of the products
discussed herein.

    About Texas Instruments
    Educational & Productivity Solutions, a business of Texas Instruments, is
a market leader in education technology, providing a wide range of advanced
classroom tools that enable students and teachers to interactively explore
math and science.  TI's learning tools and services are designed with leading
educators to meet the evolving needs of the classroom.  Connecting the
classroom experience with real-world applications, TI's products include a
broad line of handheld technology, computer software and data-collecting
devices.  Additionally, TI has worked closely with educators and
administrators for more than 15 years to develop student-focused curricular
and supplemental materials for the classroom, and supports the world's largest
professional development organization focusing on the appropriate use of
educational technology.  More information is available at http://www.education.ti.com

Posted by Tom Troceen