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September 06, 2004

So you're an actuary . . . what next?

As an actuary, you have tailored your skills to a certain job market, which leaves many to ask the question, what other professions could benefit from my skills?

Actuaries need a strong background in mathematics, statistics, and other related fields. Some jobs that involve these skills include accountants and auditors, budget analysts, economists, market and survey researchers, financial analysts and personal financial advisors, insurance underwriters, mathematicians, and statisticians.

D.W. Simpson has Non-Traditional positions for actuaries at their website, and Actuary.ca has a few discussion areas that can answer this question - Changing careers and Life after actuary? These resources, along with a little further research, can answer your question and give you a little better understanding on how your skills make you valuable to a wide range of opportunities. Any other links or resources to answer this question can be added in the comments section below.

Posted by Tom Troceen


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