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September 12, 2004

2004 Individual Grants Competition Recipients Announced

The AERF Committee of The Actuarial Foundation (TAF) and the Society of Actuaries’ Committee on Knowledge Extension Research (CKER) sponsored the 2004 Individual Grants Competition to support the advancement of knowledge in actuarial science. Grants are funded through the AERF Committee of TAF, CKER and other organizations or sections.

As a result of the 2004 Individual Grants Competition, AERF and CKER awarded eight grants to:

Patrick Brockett
Steven Craighead and Gregory Slone
Daniel Dufresne
Edward (Jed) Frees
Jose Garrido and Manuel Morales
Mary Hardy
Rob Kaas and Roger J.A. Laeven
Krzysztof Ostaszewski and Richard MacMinn

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Posted by Tom Troceen