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August 05, 2004

Windows XP Security Update Around the Corner

As a result of the wave of viruses, worms and flat out attacks on Windows operating systems, Microsoft will release the largest security update ever in the coming days. Internet explorer has been susceptible to hackers on the novice level for too long now (I currently use Mozilla Firefox) so Microsoft is responding with their Service Pack 2. The added security features include an automatic firewall, reduced pop-ups, alerts for unwanted browser attachments . . . .

Deciding weather or not to install this service pack is a rhetorical question, however some may not know where to go. The easiest way to go about it is to set your computer to download all updates automatically. My recommendation is set it up for the middle of the night or sometime you will not be using your computer. Automatically set your computer to download the service packs at say 11:00 pm every Tuesday night and just leave your computer on and the updates will automatically download, install, and shut down your computer. Directions on how to do this can be found on the Microsoft website HERE.
Since this is the largest update ever, it will slow down your computer and internet in order to download and install. Soon you will be able to get the SP2 on CD for an easy and quick install. As you well know, hackers are tricky, slimy little 15 year olds with nothing better to do so this will not be the final solution, but this will give them plenty to think about and you less. In short . . . up date your computer regularly.

Posted by Tom Troceen


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