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August 08, 2004

SP2 for Windows XP is here

winThe Windows XP service pack 2 is now available to MSDN subscribers (if you're not a developer, sys manager . . . . you're not a subscriber). However, you should be able to download it tomorrow from the MS download center. This is not your typical download; weighing in at a whopping 475.35MB you should expect to step away from your computer for a while. The features of SP2 are listed in the previous article "Windows XP Security Update Around the Corner." Dial up users need not apply. The massive download will soon be available on CD. . . .

"Service Pack 2 is a significant step in delivering on our goal to help customers make their PCs better isolated and more resilient in the face of increasingly sophisticated attacks," said Bill Gates. Aside from the security features that prevent attacks, the major improvement is the default settings that protect users. Many people do not read what they are installing and are more apt to click yes when entering a website without understanding the penalties. Now the new SP2 will fully explain the consequences of your actions before you click your way to more pop-ups and sometime take the parenting role and not even let you do certain malicious activities.

All computer analysts agree that you should take advantage of the SP2 ASAP, but bandwidth will allow only so much data available to the public. Over 100 million XP users are expected to download the mammoth 475MB update in the next two months. Downloads could be slow in the first few days but with your settings set to automatic updates, you should not worry, it'll be here sooner than you think.

Microsoft has tested the compatibility of the SP2 more than any other product in it's company history with over a million beta versions. This will hopefully insure that computers will run as usual, only with more security. With better security technologies including: Network protection, Memory protection, Improved email security and Safer browsing XP users can rest assured that their data will be there the next time they turn on their computers. Windows XP Service Pack 2 will bring users the latest security updates and innovations from Microsoft. It will establish stronger security settings that help defend against viruses, hackers, and worms and will provide unique new security features that are designed to make it easier for you to help protect your PC.

"The security enhancements in Windows XP Service Pack 2 represent a significant improvement for customers in helping them make their computers more secure and giving them more control. We encourage Windows XP users to spend five minutes today to turn on Automatic Updates, thus ensuring they will receive Service Pack 2 as it becomes available on a global basis."
-Will Poole, senior vice president at Microsoft.

Posted by Tom Troceen


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