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BY KEN DILANIAN: Knight Ridder Newspapers

August 11, 2004

Bone up on excel a little

J-walk.com is not a bad site to get some Excel Tips. This site has a bit of knowledge for the average excel user up to the expert looking for a few more ideas. Other good sites for excel include "Who Knew Excel Could Do That?" by PC World or the Microsoft results for the "T-Shirts for Tipsters" contest. The simple fact is, if you're a struggling actuarial science student on the verge of switching your major to fashion merchandising or a senior actuary on the top of your game, you will have to use excel in the future whether you like it or not. These quick reads can give you a few tricks that just might buy you a little more time and save a little sanity. What’s that worth . . . tell us when you find out.

Posted by Tom Troceen


This article was a real life safer. I was so close to going into fashion merchandising, until I was able to pick up some great tips on how to use excel. Thanks!

Posted by: Bill Gates at August 12, 2004 02:21 PM

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