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July 25, 2004

VEE - You passed course one . . . what now?

Congrats! You passed Course 1, you are now on your way to fellowship, but what is this I keep hearing about VEE credits towards Course 2? VEE or Validation by Educational Experience has been set up for those with credits in approved college course work.

The Society of Actuaries, Casualty Actuarial Society and Canadian Institute of Actuaries have released an Preliminary Examination Syllabus Announcement that covers the topics that will be covered on each of the exams for the different defined paths (follow link at bottom of page). The question arises about VEE. This will be implemented in the 2005 syllabus which is expected to be released in the coming months.

VEE credits will be applied to Economics, Corporate Finance, and Applied Statistical Methods. The SOA and CAS are still developing the guidelines which will decide which college courses are acceptable for VEE. Next month a few details about the course requirements will be available. In September Universities will submit their applications for course approval on the VEE topics. In December the list of approved VEE courses at universities will be published on the CAS, SOA and ActuarialNEW.org websites. Applications for VEE credits will be accepted as early as January 2005

The SOA.org website has comprised a comprehensive FAQs page that should answer your questions about what is to come. List of FAQs at SOA.org

Feel free to post comments about what you have learned about the new requirements or any questions that you may need answered. Good luck on your future exams!

Preliminary Examinations Syllabus Announcement:
PE Syllabus Announcement

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